Fruits can be found almost everywhere on the planet. They have different colors, taste, shape and size but there can be only one OWOC TWÓRCZY (CREATION FRUIT)! It is something original, fresh, beautiful and unique, as our projects. Each of them is treated individually to let our client’s ideas be implemented into high quality modern design. Such approach guarantees success of your brand and your business.

OWOC TWÓRCZY (CREATION FRUIT) does not except any average and secondary ideas. We create only unique brands, because they are like people – only outstanding individuals will stand out from the crowd.

The studio was founded in 2012 by designer Wioleta Kowalczyk.


  • packaging is designed wisely and economically in order to make it practical
  • packaging has to be unique and different then other brands on the shelf but not too aggressive
  • good quality package should expose the key features of the product using simple information and graphic
  • each detail is important – sum of them create success of the project
  • style comes first before pomp and harmony before eccentricity
  • the key to successful project is to take a risk and create new trends
  • ecodesign is the future of designing – we advise to use recyclable materials
  • communication strategy
  • creation of brand image
  • brand design
  • packaging
  • rebranding